I am pretty happy to welcome you to this project and I sincerely hope that you will find here what you were looking for.

Before to start I will just talk a bit about the genesis of this project to help you understand how and why things are structured as they are.

First of all I am not a developer, I never touched any programming language before this project.

Everything you can see about this project, from the C++ Starting Kit plugin to its documentation was realized from scratch with no prior knowledge.

Secondly, if you encounter strange structures in my english syntax it is mainly because I am not a native english speaker. I try to keep things as simple as possible to avoid mistakes in that sense.

That said, here is the story.

I want to learn a programming language because I would love to develop tools for 2D and 3D graphic designers. I am not a student and I prefer to do it by myself.

I chose C++ because I love its history and its philosophy, then I had to find my primary tool.

I didn’t want to use a complete IDE because even if I’m sure that they are amazing for productivity I’m also sure that they automate and hide a lot of crucial steps necessary for a deep understanding of the language.

Then I encountered Sublime Text which really seduced me by its elegance and its functionalities but the C++ syntax support was really poor.

So I decided to start this project.

From the very beginning I really wanted to make it as a starting kit for beginners with not just a language definition but also every single useful tool and tip I experienced to make the learning of C++ with Sublime Text a real pleasure.

I sincerely hope I made it and I also hope to go further by introducing as regularly possible as possible the best tools and tips that I can give you.


Will Alvidi